Why No Ink


We are the tattoo experts

Sara is a Cosmetic Tattoo Artist and Tattoo Removalist who is fuelled by results and a passion for the “Tatts on / Tatts off” industry.

Once covered in tattoos Sara has experienced the treatment herself, knows exactly how you feel and will treat you with kindness and genuine care. Understanding what the client wants and working with them to achieve the best outcome is what makes the difference between a good job and a fantastic job. Sara will take the time to discuss the right treatment plan to create the right outcome for you. NO INK also works with some of the best Artists in Adelaide that are more than happy to consult with you on a new tattoo design.

In South Australia there is currently no strict regulation on the use of Class 4 Lasers. This means that virtually anyone can pick up a laser with no real accreditation. Sara has not taken her training lightly and opted to source only the highest accredited training programs abroad making her a government licenced and a certified laser professional to Queensland’s Radiation Health standards.

Sara has now opened a new and exciting premises in Mawson Lakes which is fully accredited and council approved. A divine space that will make you feel instantly relaxed. We have not spared any cost in obtaining the highest standard machines and equipment available.