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No Ink Tattoo Removal & Fading adelaide

NO INK was established in 2018 with a sole purpose of providing a tattoo removal and fading services. With such a narrow mission, it allows us to be focused on being the best at what we do. NO INK is committed to offering the most advanced equipment and techniques as well as qualified practitioners. At NO INK we are still tattoo enthusiast who provide clients and their Tattoo Artists effective fading and removal solutions.


We use our industry knowledge to determine each tattoo's depth in the skin, type of ink used and techniques used when tattooed. Knowing and assessing these factors allows us to tailor your treatments, ultimately resulting in faster results. NO INK also works with some of the best Artists in Adelaide that are more than happy to consult with you on a new tattoo design.


Our brand new MULTIWAVE Q-Switched Nd YAG Laser is at the leading edge of technology. The Laser is the highest performance single-pulse Q- Switched Laser on the market today. It has the power to remove a broad spectrum of tattoo colours including stubborn greens and blues.


Glycol Tattoo Removal falls under the category of non-laser tattoo removal. It is in a similar way to tattooing or micropigmentation by using the same equipment. The tattoo extraction formula starts working almost immediately after applying on the original tattoo ink. While healing, the skin extracts more and more undesired ink. Glycol tattoo removal is commonly used to remove permanent makeup or treat areas such as eyes, lips and nipples where laser can cause damage. We also use this method when dealing with flesh or white colour pigment because laser is reflected by these colours.


We make the process of tattoo removal and fading as safe and as effective as possible with minimal discomfort.

18 successful tattoo ZAPs & countingOur Aftercare Products are 100% Vegan




Our Clinician's are highly accredited, government licensed and a certified laser professional to Queensland Radiation Health Standards.