Unlike most laser studios, our prices are transparent with the exception of extreme cases.  We know your time is valuable so we outline closely what you will be paying before you even walk in the door.



At the studio or over the phone, we can discuss the best option for you. Mandatory for first time clients and can be done directly before treatment. Please allow 15 mins for the consultation.


New Client$50 credit

Applies to a single session only. 


1 Session$200

*Most sizes. All colours. Multiple Tattoos. Maximum Laser time applies. Perfect for the new client wanting to try our service before committing to a larger block session.


4 Session Block$600

*Most sizes. All colours. Multiple Tattoos. Maximum Laser time applies. Upfront purchase. Perfect package for those preparing a tattoo for a cover-up.


6 Session Block$800

*Most sizes. All colours. Multiple Tattoos. Maximum Laser time applies. Upfront purchase. Perfect minimum package for those wanting complete removal. Additional single sessions can be applied if further removal is required.



Our minimum rate charge is $80. If you believe your tattoo is extremely small, we can customise a quote less than our advertised $200 flat fee.


While we have a flat rate system, there may be excessively large or complex cases that will be out of scope and require a custom quote. 


A test patch can be arranged for $30 and credited towards further treatment.

Cosmetic Tattoo Removal NOW AVAILABLE

Can cosmetic tattoo be removed? As the rise of popularity of cosmetic tattooing and especially eyebrow tattoo over the past few years has been on the increase, so has poor quality outcomes. In the short time NO INK has been operating, we have been faced with many clients trying to remove old permanent makeup that is discoloured, uneven, or even in the wrong place. Say goodbye to outdated, discoloured, unsymmetrical or poorly worked cosmetic makeup and start a treatment plan to remove unwanted cosmetic tattoo today.


There are two methods of cosmetic tattoo removal NO INK use, glycol needling and laser removal. Not all cosmetic tattoo can be removed by laser. Some pigments may darken or turn black and areas such as lips or eyes are not suitable for laser. We suggest coming in for a test patch to determine which treatment will best suit your needs. 



Cosmetic Tattoo Removal$80

*Perfect for unwanted eyebrow, lip, freckles, scalp and eyeliner pigmentation






Ask our team about how we can customise a treatment program to your needs and spread you patients over the duration of your treatments. Only available for full price treatment packages.