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At NO INK, we are body art enthusiasts and are educated in the tattoo process…”




Did you know all major Tattoo Removal clinics servicing Adelaide are actually Tattoo Parlors who have clever sub marketing? When you send your clients away for tattoo removal, you are literally handing them to your competitor. At the same time, (in the Adelaide market), it is not economically viable for each and every tattoo parlor to have their own laser tattoo removal equipment. So what’sthe solution?




In South Australia there is currently no regulation on the use of Class 4 Lasers. This means that virtually anyone can pick up a laser without any formal training. Scary hey? Whilst not required in SA (YET!!) NO INK requires all technicians to undergo the highest level of regulated training to Queensland’s Radiation Health standards; the highest level of training available outside of a being medical practitioner. This makes NO INK one of the few tattoo removal companies in Australia, a government licensed and a certified laser practice.


Did you know laser tattoo removal performed by cosmetic clinics and medical practitioners make up less than 1% of their overall work?*


Where can you send referrals to, who are expertise in the field without losing clients to the competitor? With such a narrow mission, NO INK is focused on being the best at what we do. Tattoo removal is our core business not a sub service which means we are continually refining our skills and updating our industry knowledge for the best client results. NO INK also have undergone training in tattoo fundamentals so we can speak the same language and understand common goals.


NO INK are a value add company designed to coexist alongside your existing business model. We specialise in creating mutually beneficial solutions for the tattoo industry such as client retention and acquisition with strict guidelines in place to respect your referrals. Our unique proprietary method provides tattoo fading and removal services exclusively to tattoo parlors and their clients throughout metropolitan Adelaide so they don't have to. Operating this way allows your business to keep overheads down and stops the niche market from being over saturated. NO INK is committed to offering the most advanced equipment and qualified practitioners as well as leading edge services and marketing solutions for third party affiliates and their valued clients. A unique merchant code will filter your referrals into income instantly. As an additional incentive and with the help of our Directors IT background we are also providing an effectively packaged marketing kit to give your business website and social media a kick start. Our easy to integrate digital enhancement pack will help you quickly become a leader in the market because when you succeed, we do too!.



Generate an attractive additional income stream
Create opportunity for new clientele with additional service options
Stay at the forefront of tattoo industry evolution
Save upwards of 100K in equipment and training costs
Take away any and all liability that laser removal carries
Avoid your insurance premiums increasing
Focus on core business while we take care of the rest
Create brand awareness through our referral program
Enhance your online exposure for additional keywords and link-back service
Avoid losing clientele to competitors who have an all in one fade and cover option
Have someone you trust work with your clients for the best outcome
Receive reports on your clients’ progress, plus an annual report on your earnings
Offer clients prices that are transparent, non-complicated and competitive
Your business will be promoted on our website and social media as a referred active partner
Any marketing we do will market you too!





Perfect for start up parlours or independent tattoo artists with limited space or undefined hours. Those residing outside our travel range.


 Perfect for larger tattoo parlors, with compliant space. For existing affiliate partners with high referral numbers.


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